Published: 11.37 Europe/London, May 9, 2011

The combined product offering from DNA and Welho is being made available to DNA’s fixed line customers from today. It follows the merger between the two companies.

The new products will use the brand names DNA Welho TV and DNA Welho and will be bundled as S, M, L, XL packages as will already be familiar to Welho customers.

DNA became the largest cable operator in Finland through the Welho acquisition last summer, and has now the largest number of TV channels in Finland, nearly 160 in total, including 18 HD channels.

Customers can pick eight SD or HD channels from a selection of over 80 including 10 HD channels. Over 40 different Extra channels can be chosen as add-ons to the fixed S, M and L packages.

Broadband is available in speeds up to 200 Mbps.