Online TV provider Roku has given a clear demonstration of the huge appetite for OTT video by revealing that its audience of just over one million users has made 15 million channels downloads.

The simple equation offered by the company for the success is that sales of the Roku player and content offered have surged as viewing has increased and the number of channels expanded. More specifically, Roku attributes growth in channels to two key drivers: the expanding selection of entertainment in the Roku Channel Store; and accelerating sales fuelled by the company’s recent move intoUSretail stores.

Roku offers more than 225 entertainment channels and a library of around 100,000 movies and TV shows from companies such as the aforementioned Netflix as well as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle and Revision3; live and on-demand sports from NBA Game Time, NHL GameCenter Live and Ultimate Fighting Championship. There is also the capability of integrating with Flickr and Facebook. Somewhat bullishly, Roku predicts it will surpass 3 million customers by the end of this year.

A strong value proposition for the core product has also contributed to the rise, suggested Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood: “The popularity of Roku is driven by our inexpensive price points, which drive mainstream adoption; and the strength of our open platform, which benefits content partners who want to easily reach a rapidly growing TV audience.”