INDB6 v.008 USB
INDB6 v.008

Bases - Tideglo
Mod creators - iscan & nikolasi
Best Tester-Vig
Czech local - vladja20008

Provided that more than 3 MB of memory fleshevoy-piercing can work without swap! (Except for the cross-STV)
In case you do not take a flash drive or hard disk, a must! run after the first run:

Put the mode of activation in the "yes" and press "Save"

paragraph 1, paragraph 2, paragraph 4 - Always
Item 3 - the unit just above unformatted hard

1 - Assign a swap (if you use cross-STV> = 64MB
BP Main Menu -> Swap Manager -> set included in the "yes" - "set the size of 64MB or more -> click" Registry Settings "-> Exit

2 - Assign a partition on the hard disk drive mount
BP Main Menu -> Settings -> Mount -> set included in the "yes" -> select the desired section -> click "Registry Settings" -> Exit

3 - not only if previously reported! and only after the implementation of paragraphs 1 and 2
If you've formatted the flash drive / hard disk eht2, then assign the desired section otvormatirovat
BP Main Menu -> Settings -> Layout HDD -> set included in the "yes" -> select the desired section -> click "Registry Settings" ->
Click on "Format HDD" -> click "Mount HDD"

4 - Reboot tuner
(The rest is done automatically)

Ckiny skins are installed in the root or yusb CDM
/ Media / hdd / skins / all types of skin

* Correction in relation to the basic version
- New media center (animated main menu)
- A new manager with his ability to install online all emulyator
- He returned to work in radio mode radiozastavki
- Save time Udleneno at startup and reboot until the channel enable gui
- Once a replacement driver for Ralink wifi working with the new kernel (D-Link DWA rt2870/rt3070)
- Once a replacement driver for the card reader to work and record their activation at the start, included in the old firmware
- Changes to the network to work with wifi
- Replaced libsso library. caused startup problems and the normal web interface
- Added the "lost" the file because it did not work manager emu
- Cleaned up unused files and modules from python
- Fixes for new skins
- Fix default CD-Made in the skin to control WiFi

* Added or modified from previous versions of INDB
- Rt2870sta.ko & sci_ng.ko moved to / lib / modules
- Changes in SkinSelector plugin to work with the skins, located on a USB HDD or in the folder skins
- Flip the channel menu EPG using the "5" and 6 "(EPG button to activate the management of skin from BP)
- Client torrent track moved to a directory on your hard drive "/ media / hdd / indbbinar /" and placed separately from the property of ports

* Plugins, built-in flash version
- Bluepanel
- Quickbutton
- Mediacentr
- Seek
- Emu manager
- Install manager
- Permanent TimeShift
- A permanent digital / analog clock
- Boot Manager
- CIFS manager
CIFS Netmoun \ nfs manager -
- WiFi Manager
- Mediaplayer
- Dreemboxedit
- CrossEPG
- Torrent Client
- EnhancedMovieCenter 2.0.1
- Other