The English language version of Al Jazeera is now available to users of Google Android-based and Blackberry mobile devices across the globe, most importantly the US where the Qatar-based channel still receives limited transmission.

Al Jazeera’s acclaimed coverage this year of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, followed by the ongoing political unrest in Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, has won the broadcaster an international audience which outstrips its availability on cable or satellite networks – either because of a paucity of carriage deals, such as in North America, or due to signal jamming by authorities affected by the unrest.

"There's been a huge demand from our audience to make applications available on these popular mobile platforms. We've designed and developed the apps to be very visual and easy to use, and we'll be adding even more to them over time,” said Safdar Mustafa, Al Jazeera's head of mobile media.

As well as a live video stream, users can access text-based news reporting and opinion from Al Jazeera journalists, as well as features. Furthermore, they can easily share stories through social networks.

Apple iPhone, iPad and Windows Symbian-based applications are already served for further mobile TV options. Live internet streaming of Al Jazeera English is also available on YouTube, LiveStation and Vingo TV via the channel’s website

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera English continues to call for the immediate release of its journalist Dorothy Parvaz, after Syrian officials confirmed they are holding her captive.

Dorothy Parvaz, a graduate of both the University of British Columbia and Arizona University, was detained upon arrival in Damascas on 29 April and has had no contact with the outside world since.

Journalists have faced ever increasing restrictions in Syria since the protests began.

An Al Jazeera spokesman said: "We are worried about Dorothy's welfare, security and safety. Syria should release her immediately."