TrueVisions, Thailand's largest pay-TV operator, has signed technology provider NDS to secure and enable next-generation hybrid services for its subscribers. The solutions include NDS VideoGuard, a pay-TV security solution, which will enable TrueVisions to expand its HD services and hybrid set-top box (STB) deployment. NDS MediaHighway will lay the foundation for advanced services such as NDS XTV digital video recorder (DVR) functionality, an adaptable user experience based on the NDS EPG Framework and hybrid features including access to an IP-enabled video-on-demand (VOD) library through an in-built browser. NDS XTV DVR technology will enable subscribers to control their TV viewing through functions such as pausing live TV and rewinding, fast forwarding and playing back recorded content. TrueVisions’ dual tuner DVR will allow users to record one programme while watching another, and will enable content to be recorded securely to an external hard drive. The NDS EPG Framework will provide TrueVisions with an end-to-end solution for managing the EPG, allowing updates and customisation without having to download software to the STB. The NDS EPG Framework also enables the creation of new revenue streams from seasonal promotions, advertisements, and sponsorships within the EPG, all in HD. NDS MediaHighway will allow TrueVisions to build and test in-house interactive applications and offer new services as part of the hybrid TV experience. The TrueVisions solution will also incorporate NDS Dynamic Audience Measurement to provide accurate analysis of subscriber viewing. Thiti Nantapatsiri, managing director of TrueVisions, said: “We pride ourselves on the breadth and quality of both our international and local content, so it is important to implement market-leading technology to protect our TV offering and enhance our TV experience with next-generation services. NDS has a proven track record in securing and enabling the major pay-TV platforms around the world, so it is the natural choice, as part of TrueVisions HD, multi-play and our group’s convergence strategy.” Sue Taylor, senior VP, GM and MD Asia Pacific at NDS, added: “We are proud to be securing Thailand’s number one pay-TV platform, TrueVisions, and look forward to helping them address their needs in this rapidly changing industry. With the reassurance that its platform remains protected, TrueVisions is now able to focus on providing subscribers with best-in-class experiences through world-leading functionality and services such as VOD and DVR technology from NDS.” The first operator in Thailand to offer both cable and satellite pay-TV services, TrueVisions offers a range of options for subscribers, from basic tier to premium content, including exclusive rights to English Premier League content in Thailand, and three HD channels.