Spanish thematic channels are doing better more often: in April 201 they reached a 6.6% share, 2% more than the previous month. According to a study made by thematic channels association Connect this means that a total of 15.4 million people engaged with the channels at any given moment, 35% of the country's population and 40% on a daily basis. The channels also attracted 6.5% of those over 16, up 2% on March 2011, and also 5.8% of housewives; 7.9% of viewers between 13 and 24; 7.7% of children between 4 and 12. In addition overall subscribers to these channels reached a share of 22.7% for the month, a 9% month on month increase. By region the Basque Country (1.8% more), Canarias (0.7% more) and Galicia (0.3% more) showed greatest improvement. By content, football was clear leader followed by TV series such as AXN's 'Castle' and Fox's 'Bones' and 'House'.