Published: 11.40 Europe/London, May 12, 2011

The importance of a good user interface has been underlined by ZON, which says that the introduction of the new ‘IRIS’ UI together with improvements to the existing look and feel has helped stimulate demand for new video features.

The Portuguese operator brought in IRIS, an implementation of the NDS Snowflake UI, in January. Subsequently the number of buys on the ZON video-club, including subscription VOD increased by 160%, while VOD revenues increased to almost 0.8% of total triple play revenues in the quarter.

The proportion of customers receiving digital services continues to grow and now stands at 85% compared with 76% at the end of Q1 10 and the number of next generation ZON HD Boxes installed at the end of Q1 11 stood at 910,000.

On the downside penetration of the premium channels fell to 41.1% and basic subscribers rowed back by 17,100 to 1,554,400, which ZON blames on the state of the Portuguese economy.

Triple play revenues increased by 1.5% year-on-year to €195.6 million while

EBITDA was up by 8.5% to €79.5 million.