26e : Bahrain started broadcasting HD

Bahrain has its own satellite program in high definition (HDTV). The satellite Badr 4 (26 E) started to broadcast Bahrain HD channel . The station broadcasts from a satellite, which can be received in Central Europe with parabolas smaller dimensions.

Bahrain HD broadcasts in the TV multiplex / R Bahrain, which includes TV stations Bahrain, Bahrain 55 Bahrain Sport Bahrain Sport 2, radio stations and also MPEG-4/HD 1920x1080 HD Bahrain program brings comprehensive program consisting of information entertainment and sports.

Technical parameters:

* Badr 4 (26 E) freq 12.226 GHz, pol H SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA

The Badr 4 satellite has four FTA broadcast HD programs. Besides the HD Bahrain Dubai Sports HD, HD Al Kass Sport and Al Kass Sport HD +.