For the first three months of 2011, TF1 Group’s net profit rose 47.9% to €48.5 million while consolidated revenues were up 2.9% to €614.4 million.

The private French broadcasting group adds that its channel ad revenue reached €353.3 million over the period closed on 31 March was down 2.6% compared with 2010. Revenue from other activities climbed to €261.1 million, up 11.5 %, owing to growth at DTT channels TMC and NT1.

Globally, ad revenues gained 4.1% to €419.4 million. TF1 broadcasting activities delivered revenues of € 499.4 million, up 4.1% while the audiovisual rights segment reached revenues of €29 million down 10.5%.

International broadcasting (Eurosport) delivered revenues of € 84.5 million, up 0.6 %.

TF1’s outlook for 2011 is to rejuvenate flat revenues and the group’s main channel TF1 is currently being shaken up by several audience failures. Having changed its managerial programming team, the channel is actively looking for audience recovery