More than a year since Spain's national public broadcaster RTVE ceased transmitting advertising, a group of experts has now firmly criticised the Corporación’s business model based on taxing telcos and the private networks.

The experts are asking for direct public financing to assure the survival of the public radio and TV stations. This is the main conclusion made at the recently organised 'Teletodos' forum in Madrid gathering communications and other professionals defending the role of the public broadcasters.

In this sense the experts fear that a national public broadcaster financed by taxes imposed on the private networks and the telcos could 'eat out' the public broadcasting system.

"This has only strengthened the private sector. That is why an advertising model is needed" the forum concluded.
On the other hand the European Justice Court is likely to ask to ban the new Spanish financing model based on the national public broadcaster imposing tax on the telcos. It is unclear as to who will pay this money if the telcos do not account for it.