Following the news published on the problems of Unidad Editorial's Veo7 DTT channel and its possible closure, and after its executives fiercely denied its closure, now other market sources say the company could share its management with a third party.

Nevertheless it seems certain that the will make some 100 workers unemployed and at the same time it will reduce its own productions due to its bad economic situation.

The announcement was made after the media published the possibility of Veo7 closing down due to its low share, 1%, of the total Spanish TV audience while that of its main competitor Intereconomía TV is doing well in the same economic circumstances.

The new model Veo7 could follow, according to 'El Confidencial', could be the one used by the other Unidad Editorial's channel Marca TV (on sports) shared with Mediapro's national private network laSexta.
On the political side Mediapro and Unidad Editorial are far from each other.