Published: 06.52 Europe/London, May 16, 2011

The Polish channel Kino Polska Muzyka will make its debut today (May 16).

Billed as the country’s first music-film channel, it will be on air for 23 hours daily – a maintenance break will take place every morning from 5-6am – and offer viewers no less than 150 hours of Polish music each week.

Although the channel only has cable distribution, its operator Kino Polska TV aims to eventually also secure carriage on Poland’s DTH platforms.

Kino Polska TV’s portfolio includes the FilmBox group of channels and Telewizja Kino Polska.

Since last year, it has also run stations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Spain and Hungary.

It is in addition the main shareholder in, a long-established portal about films in Poland.