Published: 08.03 Europe/London, May 16, 2011

The Polish parliament (Sejm) has approved the countryís new digitisation law. It now has to be passed by the Senate before coming into effect.

According to Rzeczpospolita, the legislation sets the ASO date as July 31, 2013, with the transition to digital being undertaken on a step-by-step basis and broadcasters simulcasting their services.

The law also sets out the obligations of Polandís leading broadcasters to inform their viewers about the transition and in addition outlines the technical parameters of DTT set-top boxes.

The transition to digital broadcasting is already well under way in Poland, with the second and third multiplexes, carrying commercial and TVP channels respectively, up and running.

By the end of July the former will reach 87% of the population and the latter 45%.

The first multiplex, carrying TVP and four completely new channels that have just been awarded licences, could make its debut as soon as this July