Published: 10.46 Europe/London, May 16, 2011

Duiring the Cannes Film Festival, the French cinema website Allocine said it is to launch its own TV channel dedicated to movies on August 18.

Allocine already has a connected TV offer, which is available on Samsung and Philips TV sets. The full-blown TV channel will launch in August, initially on various IPTV platfiorms, but satellite and DTT distribution could be in the pipeline at a later date.

According to general manager Grégoire Lassalle, the channel already has acquired over 107 hours of programming and is currently in disussion with the media authority CSA about the proposed programming. The plan is to show a different movie every night as wll as programming about movies.

Allocine also envisages going internationally. At the moment, the website’s main business is selling cinema tickets and products around movies and stars. Last year, it sold over one millionn cinema tickets and reported a turnover of EUR 24.9 million.