Argentinean producer Pramer is working on the production of more than 340 original hours of VOD and HDTV content for the region.

Since 1993, the company has worked on the production, distribution and commercialising of contents for pay-TV and other platforms.

Other Pramer's plans include the development of technological updates to generate interactivity with pay-TV operators in order to optimise the process and work together with them in the development of the markets. Pramer has also redesigned the internet platforms of its brands and at the same time that it has launched the official sites by using the social networks.

On the other hand the company hopes to grow penetration of its products by 10% in 2011. It also hopes to grow another by 15% from making other businesses, this includes advertising on its traditional and new formats. In this sense the company is betting strongly on regionalising not only the contents but also the marketing, co-branding and development of platforms of new businesses, according to 'Todo TV News'.

Finally among those channels strengthened via these strategies is the number 1 gastronomy channel in the region.