Colombia’s leading private broadcaster Caracol TV has joined LG Electronic's interactive smart TV platform 'Connected TV' to office popular shows such as 'Amar and tener' ('Love and having'), 'Confidencial' ('Confidential') or 'La teacher de inglés' ('The English teacher').

TV sets and Blu-ray boxes able to include the LG's 'Smart TV' platform now will also include sports and entertainment information blocks on it.

On the other hand all the content of this platform will be available in the on-demand service so users can access it and watch it whenever they want without any advertising in between.

"We invite all the Colombian people having the internet as their favourite service to connect to Caracol TV's new interactive service. We are aware of the speed the world is developing nowadays and so the trends and consuming habits so we must adapt to all of this," declared Carlos Alejandro Pérez, the channel's president