Published: 13.56 Europe/London, May 17, 2011

3DTV WORLD FORUM- LONDON. The adult producer Marc Dorcel has become one of the leading players in European 3DTV, spending €1.5 million on a total of around 100 productions to date.

According to the company’s managing director Grégory Dorcel, its 3D content is made available on a SVOD basis that cost €30 a month and is carried by over 12 operators (including cable, DTH and connected TV) throughout Europe.

The first platform launched its service in November 2010 and there are currently “a few thousand subscribers” on each of the platforms that carry its 3D service.

Dorcel estimated that the 3D SVOD service could generate a turnover of €1 million a year for each of the platforms.

He also said that each of the adult 3D productions by Dorcel is 15-30 minutes in duration and was generally critical of HD, which had been “a flop” in France.

Dorcel added that the platform is operated on a SVOD basis with a premium subscription price as both 3D and adult are niches.

The company in addition wants its 3D platform to be kept completely separate from its 2D one.