Published: 15.48 Europe/London, May 17, 2011

3DTV WORLD FORUM – LONDON. The BBC is currently considering what it wants to do with the 3D broadcasting rights to Wimbledon and will say something about them publicly very soon, according to Danielle Nagler, head of HD and 3D Television at the Corporation.

She added that for the BBC it comes down to a consideration of the relative value of HD and 3D, given that there are around 8 million homes in the UK that can currently receive the former services and still under 200,000 the latter.

In her view, 3D still feels more interesting as a VOD than channel proposition. Nagler also said that 3D is “as far away from the mainstream today as a year ago” and that it is “vital to understand audiences” in order to find out “where they are in 3D”.

She added that “audiences take to 3D once you can guarantee a consistent experience”, as is already true in the cinema.