I wonder if anybody has heard of this problem. I am now using a DiseqC 1.2 motor and interface (to turn the dish) with an Echostar AD3600ip via receiver/positioner. Obviously the 36V positioner is not used, but ever since I connected the interface to turn the dish I have lost more than 2/3 of the channels on all satellites. Hotbird only displays some 310 channels Astra 19.2 degrees only 85 and so on. Before that I had the dish temporarilly set on Hotbird and it displayed 895 channels. The Polar Ark is fine as the dish can see all satellites (ku Band) from 28.5 Degrees East to 30 Degrees West (Hispasat). I have emailled Echostar but no responce so far. One thing I did notice is that most transponder frequencies return zero signal, whilst the "live" ones show better than 80% signal and quality. I was wondering if it is coincidental, and the LNB (Universal 0.3) has gone down. Maybe the receiver needs reprogramming, or any other fault that you may have come accross. Before I start by changing the LNB I would like some suggestions please.