Published: 15.17 Europe/London, May 18, 2011

3DTV WORLD FORUM – LONDON. There are likely to be over 8 million 3DTV households in Germany – equivalent to 20% of the total – by 2015, according to Randolph Nikutta, senior project field manager, new media, Deutsche Telekom.

He added that the telco is playing a key role in the introduction of 3D into the country.

It undertook the first live 3D broadcast in May 2010 and introduced 3D on demand last September.

In the latter case, despite starting off with only four titles, it found demand to be extraordinarily high compared to that for content in its 2D library.

More recently, Telekom undertook its first live Bundesliga broadcast in January and has since offered one game a week exclusively on IPTV.

Although currently offered free to subscribers, this may no longer be the case in the long term.

In March, Telekom also embarked on a 3D ATL (above the line) marketing campaign, pushing its product as being ready.

Nikutta identified a number of challenges, including the preparation of a 3D EPG and speeding up the transition from copper to fibre.

However, the real problem for the telco, which will try to “drive and push 3D”, appears to be securing sufficient content in the format.