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Thread: spiderbox 9000hd motorised triax dish

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    spiderbox 9000hd motorised triax dish

    I am new to the satellite scene and have been looking at getting the spiderbox 9000hd with a motorised triax dish. What size dish would be best i am based in Manchester and have used the satellite finder and i have good sight of most of the satelites. also the wife doesnt want a huge dish on the house so the smallest dish i can get away with the better

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    Re: spiderbox 9000hd motorised triax dish

    I have same stb and dish with drak motor have had set up in south east and have 95 cm triax dish and pick up most sats except for 7 west but great dish and not too big, not sure what would be best but size like mine think would do the trick .

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