Investment in 3D content remains a low priority for broadcasters, according to analyst firm Ovum, although Asia-Pacific broadcasters have a slightly higher degree of interest in the medium.

In its report titled The State of 3D (Strategic Focus), which analyses the state of the 3D market, Ovum points to a clear lack of enthusiasm for 3D in the broadcast industry.

When asked to rate their strategic priorities for 2011, senior IT and business executives rated “production of 3D content and/or launch of 3D channels” as the lowest priority for strategic investment.

Some 53% of respondents globally said 3D content production was “not an important business consideration”. However, production of 3D content was rated as a slightly higher priority by executives in Asia-Pacific companies.

Tim Renowden, Ovum analyst and author of the report, said: “In Asia-Pacific, various methods of implementing 3D are used. For instance, several broadcasters and pay TV operators, such as Fox Sports and the Seven Network in Australia have presented 3D programming on an ad hoc basis.

“However, the high cost of 3D production has limited content availability and delayed some channel launches. Given the lack of enthusiasm for investing in 3D content production and delivery expressed by broadcasters, this situation is unlikely to change rapidly.”

“This ambivalence towards investment in 3D content production and creation of 3D channels, leaves a big hole in the availability of 3D content, and tells us that the lack of 3D programming we have seen during 2010 is unlikely to improve in 2011.”

According to the report, the high cost of investment in infrastructure and personnel is a major factor in the reluctance of broadcasters to invest in 3D production.