French households are more and more owning digital devices, whether TV sets, consoles, tablets or smartphones. According to a new survey from Médiamétrie-GfK, the average of digital devices per household amounted to 8.7 on the beginning of 2011.

There were only 4.9 five years ago. Families with two kids and more are over-quipped, with 14.4 devices in average. This 70 % growth is due to the decreasing prices of devices such as digital walkman and cameras along with the growing usage of internet and of PCs at home. Mobility also encourages the use of smartphones, portable game consoles and tablets.

Digital screens, with TV sets and smartphones in the leading position, are what French households are looking for first. At the beginning of 2011, there were 5.2 screens per households vs 3.9 five years ago. Today, there is at least a HD tv set in more than two households out of 3, i.e 67.3 %, vs 2 one year ago.

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