Digital + Test New frequency on satellite Astra 1KR
May 20, 2011 -

The Spanish satellite platform is testing various TV channels on a transponder Astra 1KR (19.2 East), the frequency corresponding to 11 127-V MHz (DVB-S2, MPEG-4, SR 22000, FEC 2 / 3) .

The tests were limited to five channels of HDTV labeled as Test 4, Test 5, Test 6, Test 7 and Test 8, all encrypted under the Nagravision conditional access system.

Digital + for now goes up to four transponders on Astra 1KR to distribute its range of high definition. Are equivalent to the V-10 729 MHz frequencies, 10 818-MHz V, 10 936-V and-V 11 436 MHz