can anyone offer help on this problem
i'm having few problems with a dm800hd and cant get it to work
correctly with a v-box. this is whats happening the dm800 does'nt
turn the v-box on when the dm800hd is turned on and to change sats
i have to to turn the v-box on with it's power button to get the
800 remote to change the sat possition, i have a dm500hd that works
first class on the v-box so i'm certain the connection set up is correct.
also in the advanced tuner set up both box tuner menus are set the same way. i was wondering if the 800 tuner was causing the problem and could it have a intermittant fault thats making it so it does'nt work with the v-box and the 36v motor. the 800 works first class and scans all sats and chns etc
and it's just this problem that makes me ask could it be a tuner fault
just to add both receivers are genuine models but have different tuners
the 800 has a [BSBE2-401A DVB-S2] and the 500 has [BCM4505 DVB-S2]
i have tried a different power pack and cable to connect to the tv
to rule these as the cause