Published: 09.57 Europe/London, May 23, 2011

Dutch public broadcaster NOS has released some figures on viewing of their on-demand programming on connected devices from Philips, Sharp, Samsung and Sony. So far, actual usage figures are wide and varied.

There are 1 million Philips Net TV owners across Europe that use their connected TV set three or four times a month, according to Pieter Vervoort, VP Philips Net TV, but the company does not supply any more details.

Now Dutch public broadcaster NOS has release some usage figures for the various connected TV platforms. The broadcaster makes the last main evening news (8 o’clock news), the last news broadcast as well as a youth oriented newscast available on Philips Net TV, Sharp Net TV, Samsung Internet@TV and Sony Bravia connected TVs.

During March 2011, the main news from NS was requested as follows:
Net TV platform (Philips and Sharp combined): 50,255 times
Samsung Internet@TV: 33,313 times
Sony Bravia: no clear statistics.

However, NOS has figures available for the Sony PlayStation. The news is requested 10,000 times a day, so about 300,000 times a month – a figure that is significantly higher than through television sets and Blu ray.