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Thread: 800HD hang and reboot

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    800HD hang and reboot

    Hello to all,

    I'have a 800DH (not original) with Gemini2.

    When I chose a provider in HD the 800 hang and reboot, impossible to have a HD provider.

    I'm with cccam, something wrong in my config?

    Thanks your prompt answer

    Best regards to all

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    Re: 800HD hang and reboot

    hi witch image you have and witch sat you recieve

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    Re: 800HD hang and reboot

    Hi Sabril, tks your speed reply it's a Nabilo image and Astra and Hotbird.

    See you soon


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    Re: 800HD hang and reboot

    Hi, no solution to my problem?


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    Re: 800HD hang and reboot

    now enigmâ2 Gemini always same problem no solution?

    Thanks in advance

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