Mediaset España and Telefónica have signed a strategic agreement that will use the HbbTV hybrid TV standard to develop Mediaset's content across Telefónica’s technological platforms.

Through this deal both companies promise to carry out a test project open to the participation of the rest of Spain's audiovisual providers.

Mediaset España will create a VOD TV service through the Videoclub of its subsiary Movistar Imagenio. Telefónica's OTT platform will allow the distribution of VOD content in high quality and in HDTV.

Mediaset España will thus become the first audiovisual company to develop TV apps in Movistar Imagenio that offer complete interactive services. Mediaset España will also include at launch content from its internet video platforms such as the Telecinco and Cuatro's internet portals or Telefónica's internet portal Terra TV which will also serve as a complementary platform. Content will be available either for PC and tablets.