M6 Suisse ceased distribution at 7E

Released: May 23, 2011, 12:23 TODAY!

M6 Suisse unscrambled version of the Swiss market ended the broadcast via satellite Eutelsat W3A (7 ° E). Simultaneously with the termination of the spread of the M6 ​​was shut down the whole multiplex GlobeCast, the channel spread.

M6 Suisse carried over Transponder C4 (freq 11.283 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4, DVB-S/QPSK). With off the distribution channel and multiplex many viewers came to the station that you could smoothly for many years to receive.

Distribution FTA route M6 Suisse moved to the satellite Eurobird 9 A (9 ° E). To receive the SD station but need HD receiver because the channel broadcasts in the DVB-S2 multiplex. Provozovatelé increasingly choosing DVB-S2, which can reduce the cost of distribution and it is possible that the main argument was associated with changes in the distribution channel.

Technical parameters:

Eurobird 9A * (9 ° E) freq 12.034 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4, DVB-S2/PSK, FTA