The arrival of the internet to the television world will change its business model, according to Spanish Optiva Media's CEO, Valia Merino, in an exclusive interview with 'Rapid TV News'.

"In fact the operators are already doing that of thinking about deploying OTT services. In this sense the internet means an advantage and at the same time, it is an allied for the operators because it reduces the service costs" he added.

Merino believes that the OTT model has important goals such as the fact there are not really mature experiences in this model. He suggested: "There will also be environmental conflicts over the regulation and the big network operators which have invested in connectivity and which will want an important piece of the cake.

Talking about problems growing in the Spanish pay-DTT market, Valia Merino declared that one cause is the high quality of Spain's terrestrial free-to-air. Adding to this is the culture of piracy very entrenched in Spain, meaning the habit of not paying for legal content by entertainment consumers. "For example Portugal has 30 million fewer people than Spain but at the same time it has the same number of cable TV subscribers" he reminded.

Optiva Media is a Spanish service company covering the whole value chain of the audiovisual projects, making it possible to get VOD or PPV contents. It also develops engineering audiovisual projects such as CAS or DRM.