Published: 09.08 Europe/London, May 24, 2011

Mexico’s second largest cable operator is to expand its digital offer with the introduction of hybrid IP set-tops and DVRs, secured by Conax.

The step forward follows last year’s agreement between Cablemás, the Telenor owned security company and manufacturer Evolution Digital.

Conax has deployed four redundant central Content Security headends to serve Cablemás’ 1 million plus subscriber base. The Conax system is capable of delivering subscription, pay-per-view, card pairing and on demand. To date 260,000 Evolution devices have been shipped with an additional 320,000 on order.

Carlos Alvarez, Managing Director of Cablemás Telecomunicaciones, said “The strong cooperation with Conax and Evolution Digital has provided Cablemás with simple and elegant solutions to drive our digitisation process. The expertise and strong product line fuelled with a great partnership have further strengthened Cablemás’ confidence in our partners and the development of the Cablemás cable operation.”

“Cablemás is a very dynamic organization with a clear vision and focus on digital TV trends, added Rohit Mehra, VP sales, North America. Conax is very excited about the success of the Cablemás deployment of digital TV and pleased with the local support provided by our Mexican representative iExpertus. Conax aims on maintaining an open platform to ensure customers globally like Cablemás can easily adapt to evolving Digital TV trends.”

Operating in 49 cities across Mexico, Cablemás is the second-largest cable television operator in Mexico based on number of subscribers and homes passed. It serves 953,535 cable television subscribers, 325,231 high-speed internet subscribers, and 180,255 telephone services, with over 2.7 million homes passed.