Published: 10.57 Europe/London, May 24, 2011

The Austrian public broadcaster ORF will this June terminate the digital teletext service ORF OK-MultiText using the MHP standard. The move marks the de facto end of the Media Home Platform standard in the country.

According to local press reports, the broadcaster said that “the MHP standard is outdated and is only used actively in Italy.” Technical facilties company ORS, owned by ORF, has taken the final decision to pull the plug on the digital telextet transmissions. The freed up capacity will be used to improve the picture quality of the ORF signal.

The exact number of households affected is not known, but it is believed around 200,000 homes have an MHP equipped digital terrestrial receiver. The teletext service was only broadcast over the DTT network.

Meanwhile, ORF is now committed to the new HbbTV standard and will broadcast tests using the hybrid standard.