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Thread: I am from Louisiana-USA

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    I am from Louisiana-USA

    Anyone user of DN ?

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    Re: I am from Louisiana-USA

    Not yet, but I've been checking them out, and especially their support forums online to see how they handle customer service. Are you using them now? Any thoughts to share on them?

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    Re: I am from Louisiana-USA

    Anyone out there have any opinions on DISH Network? I've been looking at these deals, but I want to hear from some actual DN customers before I commit.

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    Dish network is good to have because it's so cheap and if you want me to help you decide check this link for great deals and packages for Dish network.

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    Re: I am from Louisiana-USA

    if your unable to choose between direct tv and dish network..why don't you visit this might help you figure out what you think is best choice for you. i hope that this helps because this was really helpful for me..

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    Re: I am from Louisiana-USA

    Anyone satisfied with America's Top 120 DISH package?

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