As the new upfront season arrives, Nielsen says that FOX has once again won the broadcast season amongst the high-value 18-49 demographic in the US for the seventh consecutive year.

But FOX also is losing viewership for the 2010-2011 season: ratings are down overall by 3 percent, as they are across the non-cable broadcast networks. FOX has only 9.7 million viewers. NBC lost the most, with 7 million viewers in fourth place, and is down a full 15% year over year--although the Winter Olympics in the previous season gave the newtork a unique boost.

CBS came in as the most-watched broadcaster again across all demos, which it has been eight out of the past nine years. This season it claims 11.6 million viewers, down 2 percent year over year.

No. 3 broadcast net was ABC with 8.5 million viewers, while relative newbie came in last with 2 million viewers overall.