About half of the UAE public believe 3D television will ‘revolutionise the way we watch TV, movies and sport’, according to a new YouGov survey commissioned by LG Electronics.

“We asked consumers what they considered would be the most important reason for buying a 3D television and of those that responded, more than 65% said the ability to be able to watch 3D movies was important or very important,” said H S Paik, president, LG Electronics Gulf FZE.

Although there is undoubted excitement about 3D viewing, the poll reveals people in the UAE have concerns about the wearing of cumbersome, rechargeable glasses used alongside current ‘shutter glass’ 3D technology. In addition, they are worried about the dizziness and discomfort that can come from watching 3D TV for extended periods.

“When we asked consumers, if you were to buy a 3D television, what would your decision be based on, more than 85% of the respondents said comfort in terms of seating position, lightweight battery free glasses and the clarity of the TV picture were important or very important,” said Mr Paik.

This is good news for the Korean electronics giant, which commissioned the poll ahead of the regional launch next month of its next generation range of Cinema 3D TVs.

“The new range uses LGs film patterned retarder technology which is certified ‘flicker free’ – meaning the viewer experiences a clear, sharp 3D image when wearing LG’s lightweight polarised glasses,” claimed Mr Paik. “Reaction from around the world to our new screens has been a resounding ‘wow’ and we’re very excited about bringing them to the Middle East in June.”

LG are not alone in promoting the adoption of polarised glasses: Avatar director James Cameron told an audience at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event that he believes they will accelerate the adoption of 3D in the home.