In a major overhaul of the nature of its business and business lines, online vide platform Brightcove is rebranding as Brightcove Video Cloud, aiming to take leadership in cloud-based content services.

The new company will build a content app platform for building and operating native apps and touch websites for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets. It believes that users are increasingly discovering, consuming, sharing, and creating content through installable apps and touch Web experiences on smartphones and tablet devices.

Yet it also argues that media companies and marketers are struggling with the cost and complexity of delivering and managing great content experiences across all these new platforms. With its new App Cloud platform, Brightcove hopes that it will have created an app development and management platform that is more efficient and cost effective than ever.

In form, the App Cloud combines an open HTML5-based development model with cloud services for cross-platform compilation, automated app distribution, analytics, advertising, and connectors for content management systems and other cloud services.

Cloud services offered at launch include: content connectors that provide universal connectivity to content stored in existing Web content management systems; content optimisation services that offer connectivity over limited bandwidth connections by synchronising, transcoding, caching, and delivering content; intelligent push services that facilitate cross platform delivery of native push notifications to users based on geographic locale.

“Delivering content apps across fragmented devices forces publishers to choose between redundant one-off app development and cookie-cutter templates,” explained Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove chairman and chief executive officer. “App Cloud offers a new alternative with a platform that significantly streamlines the development and management of custom content apps across devices. With App Cloud, Brightcove cloud content services offer unprecedented choice, control and efficiency for initiatives spanning online video, native apps and touch websites.”