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Thread: How does Oscam fare with the 'uk' card flavour??

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    How does Oscam fare with the 'uk' card flavour??

    As per my question above, how does Oscam work with this type of card (as I understand it, it's slightly different than it's italian cousin.

    My question relates to usage on Ubuntu (which version is best?) or using a box (eg. dm500) as server.

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    Re: How does Oscam fare with the 'uk' card flavour??

    I have never had a problem with the UK version. Plenty of stuff out there on configs. Have a little search on "***uk oscam config ubuntu" or similar.I have only used oscam on dreambox's and vu+ both as clients and servers while messing about and learning. All linux box's so I shouldn't think there would be that much difference.hth

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