Published: 06.58 Europe/London, May 26, 2011

The Polish cable operator Aster is currently in talks to acquire telcos with business clients even though itself on the verge of being taken over by Liberty Global.

The news was given by Robert Sababady, the head of Asterís business division, and quoted by Wirtualne Media.

Aster spent some PLN15 million (Ä3.78 million) on acquisitions in the business sector in 2010 and expects to spend a further PLN10 million this year.

According to Sababady, income from the sector is likely to amount to PLN25 million this year, compared to PLN7 million in 2010.

A ruling for the competition authority UOKiK on Asterís sale by Mid Europa Partners (MEP) to Liberty Global, first announced last December, is now imminent.