The evolution of the 3D technology in the Spanish homes will be very similar to that of HD suggested Luis Sahún, Astra Marketing Ibérica's CEO, at Expo3D, taking place this week in Madrid.

According to the executive, "viewers do not get surprised when they are in front of HDTV contents but they go a step further by demanding them. This is positive since this demand force the sector to maintain the rhythm of the new developments and at the same time always try to be on the vanguard.”

On talking about 3D, Luis Sahún underlined that all the European specialised studies assure its implementation and democratisation will be much quicker than expected. "In Astra we have always understood 3D would not stay in the cinemas but it would soon become one of the audiovisual drivers on a big scale. And we are prepare to accomplish that goal," he added.

Astra Marketing Ibérica thinks clearly that satellite is the "ideal" transmission method for 3D due to its capacity. In Spain Astra carries the signal of Canal+ 3D channel the first Spanish regular 3D TV channel.