Costa Rica is preparing for analogue switch off from beginning September and finally pulling the plug on 15 December 2017 In order for the population to be informed the country's government will soon begin running an information campaign in the whole country about the digital TV technology.

Costa Rica has opted for the Japanese-Brazilian standard ISDB-TB because it says has the advantage of covering the whole country and also because it offers big interactivity options and also the possibility of adapting the TV signal to mobile devices.

On the other hand the government's plan includes the distribution of some 450.000 set-top-boxes for those families with a low standard of living who will not be able to buy them.

Hannia Vega, Telecommunication vice-minister said it is important to make a big national effort between the State, the private sector and the international cooperation to reach the transition from the analogue to the digital television since firstly the digital TV system is addressed to 60% of the population not subscribed to any of the pay-TV operators.