A study by The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) is claiming to have dispelled all of the myths about 3D that are have acted to date as serious gating factors to the mass rollout of the technology.

The report, titled “3DTV Owners: A Closer Look at The New World of Immersive Home Entertainment,” is claimed to be the first of its kind to focus on the experience of actual 3DTV owners. The 3,100 sample of 3D-compatible television (3DTV) owners in the US were asked to assess a number of 3DTV factors, including: picture quality, perceived price differences, viewing satisfaction, content preferences, and reaction to 3D glasses. They fundamentally expressed that 3D offered a positive entertainment experience, had minimal price premiums, and were enthusiasm about the future of 3D content.

DEG says that overall, consumers are ‘tremendously’ satisfied with the home 3D experience with 88% rating the 3D picture quality positively, comparing well to the 91% who indicted similarly for their 2D picture quality. A further quarter (24% ) of those who view 3D at home reported watching more television – both in 2D and 3D – since purchasing their new 3DTV and 85% of 3DTV owners surveyed would prefer to watch half, most, or all of their programs in 3D. Contrary to received wisdom, the DEG sample reported that the majority of home entertainment in 3D is better than in 2D, with 3DTV owners naming feature films on Blu-ray as their favourite 3D programming.

Again contrary to popular perception, price was not an issue. The survey showed that the upgrade to 3D was well worth the price. The vast majority of 3DTV owners stated that they paid a relatively small additional fee for 3D capability, and that the feature made their television worth the extra dollars paid. Nearly 80% said that their 3DTVs were either less expensive, about the same, or just a little more expensive than a comparable HDTV without 3D capability. On average, those surveyed by the DEG paid just over $2000 for their 3DTV, with more than half paying less than $2000.

Very interestingly, the need to wear glasses, a huge gating factor to date, is diminishing as a problem. Of the survey, only a handful experienced any discomfort when using active shutter 3D glasses, and more than four-fifths stated that it takes either no time or just a few minutes to adjust to wearing 3D glasses. Additionally, just under three quarters (74%) owned two or more pairs of glasses, with a third buying an extra set during their initial 3DTV purchase.

Commented Ron Sanders, President, DEG and President, Warner Home Video, said: “The results of this landmark study clearly show that 3DTV owners are overwhelmingly happy with their 3D experience...They are highly satisfied with the 3D picture quality, think they got a good deal on their 3DTV and have already started watching and collecting a variety of 3D movies, games and sports. This bodes well for the future of the Home 3D category.”