Published: 07.12 Europe/London, May 27, 2011

Slovakia has accelerated its transition to digital broadcasting since February, with Towercom significantly increasing the reach of the two multiplexes it currently operates.

According to Strategie, the second multiplex will by the end of June cover 91% of the population, as opposed to only 7.8% in February.

The first multiplex, on the other hand, will have increased its reach from around 17% to over 95% over the same period.

Commenting on this progress, Peter Valentovic, deputy DG Towercom, said that by the end of June 99.3% of Slovaks would be able to receive DTT signals.

The first multiplex currently transmits the public channels STV1 and STV2, along with the commercial services TV Markiza and TV Joj. The second offers TV Joj, Joj Plus, TV Markiza and TV Doma.

Earlier this month it was reported that Towercom had secured 85 million of credit from Citigroup to complete the digitisation process in Slovakia.