AOL and internet TV seems like a throwback to the dotcom era but the newly formed AOL Huffington Post Media Group has indeed confirmed the relaunch of its flagship TV site under the new brand.

With the launch of these latest offerings, AOL TV says that it will be able to position itself as a full service TV-viewing companion, helping consumers find, watch and manage shows using multiple devices. Features include an interactive listings experience, video integrations, and a number of mobile applications for iPhone and iPad, all powered by TV services startup and engagement platform i.TV.

With the launch of the AOL TV-branded iPhone and iPad applications, AOL and i.TV will build on the latter’s TV app to transform the familiar TV listings grid, which AOL says has largely unchanged since the 1950s, with a more dynamic viewing experience, including social check-ins, personalised channel lists, DVR scheduling, and a new calendar view. The intended outcome is that it will be easier and more enjoyable to manage viewing, find out news about favorite shows and discover new ones.

“By significantly upgrading, in partnership with i.TV, we’re providing users with the simplest and most engaging tools to enhance and manage their TV viewing across all platforms -- web, phone, tablet and TV,” said Kerry Trainor, Senior Vice President, AOL Entertainment.

Added Brad Pelo, i.TV CEO: “We are thrilled to welcome AOL TV to the i.TV platform…Both companies bring unique and powerful capabilities to this partnership, which will revolutionise how millions of TV viewers discover, share and watch television.”