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Thread: Help on upgrading Kaon KSC-570

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    Help on upgrading Kaon KSC-570

    Hi i am hoping that you can help me.

    A mate of mine has given me a Kaon KSC-570

    S/W V03.05.00
    H/W V12.01.A5
    Loader V2.1.2

    I am used to upgrading various boxes but am having problem with this one. everywhere i search for the software to upgrade i cannot find it, i find files for all other Kaons but not this model. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find upgrades for this model & a suitable loader to load this software.

    I see upgrades for KSC-511Z with the same hardware version will this work?

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    Re: Help on upgrading Kaon KSC-570

    The model does not matter, the only thing you have to take care is the H/W version. If your one is H/W V12.01.A5, always load firms with this version. Look here: , thread 32.

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