Days after releasing a survey demonstrating the fundamental effectiveness of online and televised video advertising, online video advertising firm YuMe is to provide a monetisation engine for the Roku player.

YuMe’s survey found that by using advanced tracking algorithms and biometric monitoring, online video commands higher attention and recall from viewers than traditional TV. In addition online video was said to have had 20% more attentive advertising impressions with the attention of viewers dropping off three times faster from content to ad on the traditional platform. Additionally online video content is said to capture 8.5% more attention than TV content; and online video ads are also claimed to have 18+ % more fully attentive viewers than TV ads.

Taking this insight forward, YuMe is collaborating with Roku to create a template for an integration of channel partners, speeding time to monetisation. YuMe will serve dynamic video advertising to the proprietary Roku Internet TV platform, said to have more than 1 million units in the field, using its ACE video ad management platform to provide a feature-rich experience for advertisers and publishers. DreamTV and Blastro Networks will be the first to use the technology.

“YuMe is a leader in the video advertising space and together we can now provide a comprehensive advertising monetisation solution for our partners,” said Jim Funk, vice president of business development at Roku. “The integration of Roku’s open SDK for creating channels and YuMe’s ACE video ad management system gives content owners great flexibility in how they extend their business to the Roku user base.”

“YuMe has been a great partner for our genre specific music sites Blastro, Roxwel and Yallwire across other platforms and we are excited to leverage their network and technology on Roku,” added Rob Campanell, co-founder of Blastro Networks. “YuMe offers a robust and easy-to-use service that matches relevant advertising to content, which is crucial for success.”