Offering free over-the-air broadcast TV to portable devices has been the dream of a number of firms and start up Bamboom is aiming to tap into the latent demand without attracting the legal problems that have plagued other similar offerings.

The company is working on the principle that free over-the-air broadcast TV should be available to anyone within the service area of a channel with consumers having the freedom to choose when and where they watch whatever they want to watch, on whatever device they want to watch it. It adds that smart technology and magical design can overcome the obstacles preventing consumers from reaching that goal.

Said the company: “You love television...What nobody loves is the hassle that comes with it, the lacklustre technology, and the lack of choice and portability. With Bamboom technology, you break free from the typical TV experience. Free from restrictive and expensive TV packages. Free from wires and boxes and bland technology. Your TV becomes mobile, just like the rest of your life. TV is social, even when you’re alone. And it’s all wrapped up in an elegant and easy-to-use experience that can work on the devices you already have.”

The company is confident that it will not fall into the traps that similar services FilmOn and encountered, attracting lawsuits for copyright infringement from content owners such as CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC. It has also attracted funding from a number of venture capital firms such including FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital, Highland Capital Partners, High Line Venture Partners and SV Angel.