The IPTV platform Swisscom TV which Switzerland's national telco Swisscom is offering on its ADSL broadband network, has reached the 500,000 customer mark and will be further expanded with a mobile video offering.

The service, which launched in November 2006 under the brand Bluewin TV , will be enhanced from July when the "Swisscom TV-Guide" will be available for phones. With the free-of-charge application, the TV guide can be accessed while on the go. "Swisscom TV plus" customers can also use the service to remotely instruct the set-top-box in their living room which TV programmes to record.

Also new from July will be the "Swisscom TV air" app for Apple's iPad which will complement the apps for the iPhone, Android and Microsoft mobile phones.

With the "Swisscom TV air" option, which was introduced in March 2010, more than 50 TV channels can be received on the PC, laptop or mobile phone for CHF9 (7) per month. Single live sports events are offered for CHF5. More than 200,000 customers are currently using "Swisscom TV air".