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Thread: 7020 and sky epg?

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    7020 and sky epg?

    is it possible to get more than just Now and Next on the epg for sky-uk??

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    Re: 7020 and sky epg?


    Yes it's possible...
    Install the addon plugin "search EPG"
    After install set params to find the providers you want.
    Set param auto download at 4:00 or 5:00 am
    For the first time you can download manually.
    Downloading may take several time but you can find 7 days EPG.

    Multi EPG graphic is better for more infos but seems not compatible with search EPG.


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    Re: 7020 and sky epg?

    thanks mate.
    forgot to add, i'm using gemini4.7 with cccam2011/newcs166.
    when i press the blue button and go to the Addon plugin, EPG is NOT there. but it is listed in the Extras section. only asks for Dishnetwork epg.

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