Argentina grants new Pay-TV licenses

The Argentine Federal Audiovisual Communications Services Authority approved the specifications and conditions to grant licenses to new Pay-TV operators, both through physical link (cable or IPTV) and satellite link (DTH).

Such granting takes place in compliance with the new Audiovisual Services Law. Specifications establish license granting to new operators and the extension of licenses for those who have already been granted it and utilize physical links (both nonprofit organizations and commercial companies).

The initial bid value for physical link operators amounts to USD 244, for localities of up to three thousand inhabitants. Such figure may amount to USD 24,400 for localities with more than two million inhabitants. In turn, those willing to operate DTH will have to pay USD 122,300.

According to the law, the only public services companies authorized to render Pay-TV services are cooperatives, provided all conditions are met. However, cable operators located in areas which intend to enter the pay-TV market may submit a request. On the other hand, the Federación de Cooperativas Telefónicas del Sur (Fecosur) has already expressed its intentions to offer DTH, for which ends, the federation holds has executed an agreement with Media Networks (Telefónica), to be provided its whole sale solution. Additionally, the law establishes a 30% restriction on foreign capital.