Starz Entertainment is making changes to its ENCORE offerings, which claim 33 million subscribers, adding a Spanish-language channel and making some replacements and additions across its family of brands.

The new ENCORE offerings, set to go live 1 August, will "fortify the value proposition of the ENCORE brand and its companion multiplex channels for existing subscribers and enhance the ability of Starz Entertainment's multichannel affiliates to attract new ones," the company said.

ENCORE ESPANOL will become the eighth ENCORE channel, and, like the strategy employed by rival HBO, it will mirror the programming of the flagship ENCORE channel, offering big Hollywood movies uncut and commercial free for Spanish-language households.

ENCORE FAMILY will replace ENCORE WAM, following the success of STARZ KIDS & FAMILY. ENCORE SUSPENSE Replaces ENCORE MYSTERY and will expand the channel's reach by offering more programming options and further engage the audience for dramatic programming.

It also plans to offer HD for ENCORE ACTION and ENCORE DRAMA, which will be the company's 10th and 11th Hi-Def channel launches.

Meanwhile, MOVIEPLEX will become its own discreet, commercial-free premium channel and will no longer simulcast a daily rotation of the ENCORE channels, but will instead offer more variety on the movie front.

"ENCORE and its companion theme channels are the most heavily subscribed to premium services in the marketplace today, and with these enhancements to the lineup, we see a great opportunity to make them even more popular," said Stephan Shelanski, executive vice president of programming for Starz Entertainment. "With consistently strong viewership, ENCORE has long been viewed as a great value for affiliates and their subscribers given the quality movie product and flexibility we provide affiliates in packaging the premium service."